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Brick and Square Campaign

Hare Krishna Dear All:

Sri Sri Radha Govind Temple project of ~225 million JPY was initiated in 2010 with a bank loan of 104.5 million JPY.

It is with all humility, deep gratitude and intense happiness, we beg to inform you that Sri Sri Radha Govind Mandir (ISKCON New Gaya, Tokyo) is free from the bank loan.

Tokyo being the largest & most advanced city in the world, it is a matter of glory & jubiliation.

This historic moment coincides with the following historic milestones:

  • 10th anniversary of Sri Sri Radha Govind Temple in Tokyo

  • 51st anniversary of the first Jagannath Rathayatra & initiation of preaching in Japan

  • 125th birth anniversary of ISKCON's founder-acharya Srila Prabhupada

  • Distribution of 10,000+ Bhagavad Gita As It Is & other spiritual books in Japan in 2021 till now

We earnestly thank each and every devotee from the depth of our hearts for their wonderful contributions to the 5-decade long Japan Preaching & 2-decade long Tokyo Temple Project.

Yours in service,
The Managing Committee

Sri Sri Radha Govind Mandir
ISKCON New Gaya, Tokyo

Temple is now free from loan.
We remain thankful to everyone for your support.




 40 MJPY

Loan Repayment Tracker

Status as of September 29, 2021 

BnS Poster-Chirashi v0.2.jpg

Souvenir Receipt for Contributions

BnS Souvenir Receipt v0.2.jpg

 Thank you to all the donors who have contributed



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Milestones of ISKCON Japan & Timeline of Srila Prabhupada's Journey

ISKCON Japan Service Report

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