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Shraddh Puja/Yagya

(Prayers for the departed soul)

Hare Krishna,

Our Temple Pujaris may perform the Puja/Yagya as per your request, however, we need to schedule this in advance.


As a general protocol, we shall not perform this Puja/Yagya in the Main Temple Hall. 

Instead, we shall do this Puja ceremony in the Vedic Hall which is above the Govindas restaurant (adjacent to the Main Temple).

The process we follow:
- Our Pujaris will prepare food for the Lord in the Temple Kitchen only.
- Our Pujaris will offer that food to the Lord.
- The Prasad is then offered to the departed soul by the relative (son or daughter).
- The food offered to the departed soul has to be compulsorily taken by their family members only.


Please note:
- We do not do pinda-daan.
- We do not accept cooked food that is prepared at your home for the departed soul.
- We do not accept vegetables/groceries  that you have brought to offer to the departed soul.
- We accept only the vegetables/groceries that you have brought to offer to the Lord.
- Kindly submit the donation in an envelope. Write your name, amount, and contact number on the envelope.


We encourage all of you to kindly contact us in advance for knowing the process more clearly.


Please help us in maintaining the sanity of the Temple and continue to keep positive vibrations.


Contact Number: 
Direct Call: 080-2392-2756

Thank you for your cooperation.


Best Regards,
Temple Administration

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