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Grocery Items

Hare Krishna,

Thank you for showing your kind interest in sponsoring the grocery items.

On a regular basis we need certain items which usually normal visitors do not bring along with them.


Any items of any quantity is accepted. Cash is also welcome.

Currently we need following grocery items:

- Besan - 5 kgs
- Yellow Moong Dal - 5 kgs
- Suji - 5 kgs
- Poha (chipped rice) - 5 kgs
- Groundnut - 5 kgs
- Sabudana - 5 kgs

 - Daliya - 5 kgs

 - Cashewnuts - 10 kgs

 - Kesar - 100 gms
- Sunflower Oil - 5 lit

 - Mustard Oil - 5 lit

 - Amul Ghee - 10 kgs

 - Coconuts

 - Coconut Milk cans


Those who wish to sponsor Vegetables, kindly call us in advance.

Please note:

 - We do not need rice, flour, banana etc. because these items we keep on getting from normal visitor on a regular basis.

 - We do not use onion, garlic, masoor dal, tea, coffee.

We keep on updating this list from time to time. So kindly refer this page whenever you wish to bring any items for the temple.

We encourage all of you to kindly contact us in advance for knowing the latest status.

Please help us in maintaining the Temple sanity and continue to keep positive vibrations.

Contact Number: 
Direct Call: 080-2392-2756

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Temple Administration

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